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Free COVID-19 Tests

The Grundy County Health Department has free COVID-19 tests available for pick-up at our office.

There is also an option to order free tests and have them shipped to your home. Starting September 25, you can order four free test kits per household through

The tests will detect the currently circulating COVID-19 variants and are intended for use through the end of 2023. The kits will include instructions on how to verify extended expiration dates. Many kits have had their expiration dates extended beyond what may be printed on the packaging.

You don’t have to pay for shipping, and you’ll never be asked for a credit card or bank account number. You only need to give a name and shipping address. If you’d like an email confirmation and delivery updates from the U.S. Postal Service, you can submit your email address. Anyone who asks for more information than that is probably a scammer.

Only go to to order your free test kits from the federal government. When you click to order, you’ll be redirected to [If you’re following a link from a news story, double-check the URL that shows in your browser’s address bar]. No one will call, text, or email you from the federal government to ask for your information to “help” you order free kits. Don’t give out your credit card, bank account, or Social Security number.


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