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Many diseases like polio and whooping cough are now preventable thanks to vaccines. The Grundy County Health Department offers vaccinations by appointment for children and adults.

Children's Immunizations

The Grundy County Health Department offers all vaccinations recommended by the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP). 

AAP Children's Vaccination Schedule (age 0 to 6)

AAP Children's Vaccination Schedule (age 7 to 18)

CDC Children's Vaccine Assessment Tool

Comfort Service

The Grundy County Health Department has a comfort service available for individuals of any age who want to receive an immunization but who are anxious about needles or the process of receiving a vaccination. Extra measures are taken to reduce the potential for sensory overload and provide clients with anxiety-reducing activities and distraction tools. Access through an alternate side door is available. Please request the comfort service when making your appointment. 

Vaccines For Children

The Grundy County Health Department is a Vaccines for Children (VFC) provider. The Vaccines for Children program is designed to help protect all children against vaccine-preventable diseases. Unfortunately, many children are not vaccinated because their parents either do not have health insurance or their health insurance does not cover vaccines.

Children are eligible to receive free vaccines before their 19th birthday if they:

  • are Medicaid-eligible;

  • do not have health insurance;

  • are an American Indian or Alaskan Native; or

  • are underinsured

Underinsured is defined as a child having health insurance, but the plan:

  • does not provide vaccine coverage;

  • does not cover certain vaccines; or

  • does cover vaccines, but has a fixed dollar limit or cap for vaccines. Once that limit or cap is reached the patient is eligible.

Underinsured does not include those with an unmet deductible or who are unable to pay the deductible.

Missouri VFC Information

Adult Immunizations

Adults need immunizations too! An annual flu shot is recommended for all adults and vaccines for shingles and pneumonia are recognized for people once they reach a certain age.  Certain vaccinations are recommended for pregnant women to protect their babies. Learn more about which immunizations might be appropriate for you.

GCHD can bill Medicare, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, and most health insurance plans.

Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule

Vaccine Recommendations for Pregnant Women

CDC Immunization Information for Travelers

Adult Immunizations
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