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WIC Participant Information

WIC Appointments

If you cannot keep your WIC appointment, please notify us by calling GCHD at 660.359.4196.

Check our Calendar to see when WIC clinics are held each month.


Supplemental Nutritional Foods

WIC is a supplemental program and is not meant to supply all the food that you or your baby needs.

The food packages approved for use in the Missouri WIC program are designed to help meet infants' developmental needs and current pediatric feeding recommendations, and to complement the eating patterns of preschool children. WIC foods also supplement the special requirements of pregnant and breastfeeding women and help to re-supply the nutrient stores women used during pregnancy.


Grundy County WIC Vendors
  • Hy-Vee - 1617 E. 9th Street, Trenton | 660.359.2278


When you come to the WIC clinic for certification or re-certification you will need to bring the following forms of proof--proof of identity, residency, and income.


Proof of Identity:
  1. For Infant or Child -- Immunization Record, Birth Certificate, Hospital Record, or Social Service Letter with identifying information.

  2. For Adult -- Photo ID such as Dirver's License, Passport, Employment ID card, School ID card, or State ID Card.

  3. When Photo ID not available -- Card or letter verifying employment, school, healthcare, social services, or voter registration.


Proof of Residency:
  1. Current Utility Bill, Rent/Mortgage Receipt for Lodging/Housing.

  2. Written statement from reliable Third Party with knowledge of applicant's/participant's regular or night time location.

Proof of Income:
  1. Mo HealthNet , MC+, TANF, or Food Stamps Approval /Eligibility Authorization Form Letter

  2. Public assistance, Social Security, unemployment or workman's compensation copy of check,  check stub or statement of benefits

  3. Employment or military pay receipts, payroll checks or pay stubs

  4. W-2 forms

  5. Commissions, fees and tips records

  6. Federal tax forms

  7. Copy of alimony or child support checks received

  8. Copy of statement for interest income.




If you have questions about the WIC program, call 660.359.4196 or email

WIC is an equal opportunity program.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


WIC Disclaimer & Nondiscrimination Statement

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