Grundy County Health Department

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Please read the following information before your scheduled blood draw appointment.


Our service has changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please observe the following safety guidelines implemented to protect clients and staff.

Download and Complete Your Consent Form

Download and complete the Blood Draw Consent form in advance.

Stay Home If You Are Sick!

Do not expose others if you believe you are ill. If you cannot keep your appointment, give us a call at (660) 359-4196, so we can make that time available for someone else.

Wear A Mask

Clients must wear face coverings during their blood draw appointments to protect our staff and
other patrons.

Do Not Come Early

To reduce the potential for crowding in our waiting room, come at your appointment time. Do NOT come early.  

All Results Will Be Mailed

Due to COVID-19, all results will be mailed, usually the following day.

Results Are Sent To You
We do not send results to your doctor. We will send two copies of your results; it is your responsibility to share results with your physician.

Drink Water!

It will be easier to draw your blood if you are well-hydrated, please drink plenty of water before
your appointment

About Fasting

If this is a fasting test--don't eat or drink anything, except water, after midnight
Fasting tests: Glucose, CMP (complete metabolic panel), Vitamin D.

No Insurance Billing For This Service

We cannot bill Medicare or Health Insurance. The low cost is is a self-pay price.